GISELLE Magazine Q & A With Super Model Chasity Salcedo.


Chasity SALCEDO is a Fearless Super Model and a Loving Mother based in Houston.
Chasity SALCEDO inspires everyone around her including Us.


Model- Chasity SALCEDO
Wardrobe- Mimi Irvin
MUA- Shatara Davis
Visual Atrist- Roderick Lightfoot


Chasity SALCEDO Modeling Journey.
GISELLE Magazine Q & A.

1). GISELLE Mag: Where we’re you born?

Chasity: Houston.

2). GISELLE Mag: When did you started your Modeling Journey?

Chasity: I’ ve started my journey discovering modeling about 2 years ago, but I took it seriously about a year ago.

3). GISELLE Mag: How have life been like since you started your Modeling Journey?

Chasity: Life has been surprisingly different but not too much different I feel I’m treated with more respect and I love that feeling because it builds confidence within you.

4). GISELLE Mag: Who would be ultimate dream to work with?

Chasity: My Ultimate Dream would be to work with other positive, ambitions, fearless, inner Queens never minding anyone’s title but together having the acknowledgement that standing together is better than standing alone.

5). GISELLE Mag: How do you see your responsibility to young girls and women who look to you as a Role Model?

Chasity:  I see my responsibility as an iconic role model being to never give up on yourself, or others also to stay strong no matter what issues face ahead show leadership and know that God will never give you too much.

6). GISELLE Mag: What’s you most play Song on your phone?

Chasity: India Arie Beautiful Day.

7). GISELLE Mag: What’s your Most frequently used emoji tab?

Chasity: The Laughing Face Lol.

8). GISELLE Mag: 3 things you always keep in your makeup bag?

Chasity: Lip Gloss,  Eyeliner, Hot Sauce… Swag. Lol

9). GISELLE Mag: How would you describe your personal style?

Chasity: Indelible.

10). GISELLE Mag: Best advice you ever received?

Chasity: Keep being you.

11). GISELLE Mag: What do you like about GISELLE Magazine?

Chasity: It’s international of course.


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