Supper Model Deddeh Howard Off the Shoulder At the Getty.



“Guys, I’m so excited!! I’m going home today to visit my family, especially my father whom I haven’t seen in almost 9 years. I remember the last time I saw my dad, I was a teenager saying bye to my father and going out into the world without my best friend. Coming to America is a big deal for a lot Africans, it was a dream come true for me. I thought I will come to America and my dad and brother would join me later. Little did I knew, it would end up taking over 9 years to be reunited. It’s always so hard being away from the people you love the most for such a long time. There were times I need him the most and he wasn’t around, it’s even painful thinking about it at the moment but it’s not his fault. It’s really hard to just move to America, it’s a whole process that takes a very long time.  My dad was my everything, you can say I’m a daddy’s little girl. I really was.


My father was my best friend and my hero growing up. Not having that part of you for 9 years is so heartbreaking, I don’t know how I feel right now or what to feel. I mean I’m happy that he’s back in my life and I can see him all the time but I’m not a child anymore. It been almost 9 years!. I don’t know what to expect, what if he’s not the same man I knew before or what if I’m not his little girl he knew? There are so many thoughts going through my head, happiness, sadness, curious and lot more but thank god we get to reunite and make up for the time missed and hopefully I can feel like  a daddy’s little girl again”.


imageBack to fashion, I’m so excited to see the off-the-shoulder top back again. It’s my summer much have items and I been collected them lately. This Zara off the shoulder set is one of my favorites so far. I mean, there’s something so sexy about a woman showing her shoulder right?!. If you’re the kind of person that want to show some skin but not to much skin, I’ll say go for the off the shoulder look. The best part about this outfit is, you can pair them both with different pieces in your closet and it looks like a brand new outfit. It’s so summerly too, the beautiful colors and the high waisted  look gives me that “oh-l -look-hot” like of feelings hahaha. Seriously guys, what not to love about this look?

We are so excited for you DD. Being away from your love once is so hard.



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