GISELLE MAGAZINE Interview with beautiful Model/ Artist Tamie LAWSON. Tamie is changing the game and making big name for herself with in the modeling and fashion industry. We see you Tamie, keep shining.

1). Giselle Mag: Where were you born?

Tamie Lawson: I was born in Monrovia Liberia, grew up in Ghana. Came to the United States when I was 10 years old. Been here every since.

2). Giselle Mag: When did you started Modeling And Painting?

Tamie Lawson: Modeling is something I have always wanted to do since I was a little girl. I remember back in Ghana Me and the neighborhood kids used to put on a modeling show for our parents. Apart from Modeling I enjoy making Art  because is my true nature. I started painting when I moved to the U.S.

3). Giselle Mag: What inspired you to start Painting?

Tamie Lawson: My uncle and aunty are artist so it was not a surprised when I started painting as well.

4). Giselle Mag: Who would be your ultimate dream to work with?

Tamie Lawson: It will be a dream come true if I get to work with Naomi Campbell. I’m so obsessed with her.

5). Giselle Mag: How do you see your responsibility to young girls and women who look to you as a Role Model?

Tamie Lawson: My responsibility as a public figure to people who look up to me is to show them that it doespecially not matter where you came from or how you look, ones you believe in yourself anything is possible.

6). Giselle Mag: 3 things you always keep in your makeup bag?

Tamie Lawson: Three things I always keep in my makeup bag, make up brush, lipgloss and eyeliner.

7). Giselle Mag: How would you describe your personal style?

Tamie Lawson:  I love fashion so the way I dress is another way of me expressing myself.

8). Giselle Mag: Best advice you ever received?

Tamie Lawson: The best advice I have ever received came from my mother. she told me never to ever forget where i came from.

9). GISELLE Mag: Do you have any advice for young girls who has started doing some modeling, or models starting out now?

Tamie Lawson: The best advice I could ever give to anyone is continue to be yourself.  Fine what set you apart from everyone and Focus on that. Step out of your comfort zone.

10). Giselle Mag: What do you like about GISELLE Magazine?

Tamie Lawson: I like that Giselle mag focuses on the Beauty of Africa.

Tamie Lawson Social Media pages:

Facebook – Tamie Lawson

Instagram  – @tamie_lawson

Photographed by TJ Rogers @trogersfotos.

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