It’s MUNNAH’S WORLD April Cover Q & A with @GISELLEMagazine. By Lydia Youconjay Freeman.

         IT’S MUNNAH’S WORLD. We’re Just Living In It. Q  & A 

Every once and a while, an artist comes along with that certain something: a look, a style, a sound that one thing that set them apart from the rest. MUNNAH AKA The LIB Princess powerful vocals combined with her unique blend of American R n B and African hip hop is that Artist. The powerful vocals coupled  with her writing talent giving her audience the new sound they have been seeking.

MUNNAH release first EP, ‘My Music myway,’ included the hits ‘I told A Lie,’ and ‘No Side Chick.’ Her follow-up effort, ‘Cap Fit,’ Awarded – 2014 Liberian Entertainment Awards Best Artist.

1) GISELLE Mag: Tell us about your background?

MUNNAH: I was born in west Africa Monrovia Liberia. I’m a Kru native, yes I’m from the best tribe out of lib lol. my mom is just a regular girl who always saw more to life than life in the slums of WEST POINT, and my dad’s is a soccer legend who is well known and is a role model to many of Liberian young talented soccer players. The name frank Jericho Nagbe, is love and respected by many. when I tell people who my father is, automatically I get respect and I hear stories of how he was a great man on the ball and to the young players he helped coming up. during my fathers days, let’s just say he was George Weah and David Beckham all in one.

2) GISELLE Mag: What inspired you to be an entertainer?

MUNNAH: I am inspire by the love of music and the Greatest musician to ever step a foot on stage. Musicians like MJ, Lil Kim, Toni Braxton, Missy Elliot, Whitney Huston and money musician from the 90’s that just had so much talent.

3) GISELLE Mag: What’s the story behind the name #TheLibPrincess?

MUNNAH: I really just came up with that myself, is my own nickname for me. At the time coming up and from LIBERIA, I just put it together and call myself that.

Watch the full video of my new single #CapFit at I’m aka out making good music my fans can appreciate. ROYALTY!!

4) GISELLE Mag: What was the most challenging part about being an Artist/Singer/Songwriter ?

MUNNAH: creating music is never challenging. From the idea, lyrics, and the melody that I want to sing is never challenging, but what is most challenging, is being an artist. As an artist you always vision yourself reaching at a certain level of success in your career, when you don’t see yourself where you believe you should be successfully, that gets frustrating and you wonder if you are even good enough.

5) GISELLE Mag: What is your goal of being an Artist?

MUNNAH: My goal is to create music that my fans can relate to, music that can change lives and allows you to think. I’m a lyricist and a musician. when I mean a musician, I mean I’m the type of artist who puts a lot into their music when creating, I take my time to make music because I want my music to last and still be played years from now.

6) GISELLE Mag: Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

MUNNAH: My biggest inspiration is the fire that burns in me for this music. I’ve stated many times that I’m hunted by my music, because I’ve try to let it go but it won’t let me go. and to add my parents, son, ROYALTY are also apart of that biggest inspiration, they are my motivators.

7) GISELLE Mag: Do you have any advice for young Artists who has started doing some singing, or Artists starting out now?

MUNNAH: My only advice for them is to be themselves, be who you are and know that nothing in this music business happens overnight. You will really have to work hard for it and stay humble.

8) GISELLE Mag: Who would be your ultimate dream to work with?

MUNNAH: Toni Braxton, missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj and Alicia Keys and many more. I want to work with them all because I am also a fan.

9) GISELLE Mag: How do you see your responsibility to young girls and women who look to you as a Role Model?

MUNNAH: To be honest I don’t see myself as their role model, I don’t think I should be responsible for that. The place of a child’s role model should really be their parents, because they are the ones who provide for them daily and will give them the world if they had it. I’m just an artist they see on social media, and heard of, I know nothing about their lives or know them individually, and most of all the person that I’ve introduce to them is just munnah the artist, not munnah the woman at home with her family and son. Me as an artist is not all of me, that’s just some parts of me and the rest of me is who I am at home when I’m not giving you guys munnah the artist. Munnah the artist is not a role model because munnah the artist don’t give a fuck, munnah the artist do what she wants, Like, and she careless about what anyone thinks, in other for me to be anyones role model, they will have to be of an adult age to really understand why munnah the artist don’t give a fuck, why I careless about what ppl think and why I do what I want. A young girl or boy won’t understand that, so this is why I don’t want to be any young girl or boy role model.
10) GISELLE Mag: 3 things you always keep in your makeup bag?

MUNNAH: Oh yeah a great Mac lipstick, mascara, and lipgloss. I don’t like to wear heavy makeup daily, it messes up your skin, I only like wearing it when I’m doing a show or appearing somewhere big.

11) GISELLE Mag: How would you describe your personal style?

MUNNAH: My style is very sexy, I love dressing sexy because it makes me feel good. I don’t do it for attention or for compliments, I really love to look good and feel myself. I love anything that is different, anything that you may not like I will like because I see things differently.

12) Best advice you ever received?

MUNNAH: The best advice I ever gotten was from my dad who said “MUNNAH don’t do this music for anyone but for you and your son, because if you do it for anyone other than that, the same people who you think you’re doing it for will be the ones to laugh at you if you don’t make it”

13) GISELLE Mag: What do you like about GISELLE Magazine?

MUNNAH & Lydia Youconjay Freeman (CEO)

We met MUNNAH last year 2016 at FLF ENTERTAINMENT All Black Affair Event held in Des Moines IA. By Abel Reeves Sr. 
#FLE All Black Affairs in Des Moines IA.

MUNNAH: I love that you guys are positive, I love that you give the people a positive image of the artist. I like that GISELLE Magazine focus is not about the drama or reporting the bad side of an entertainer and I encourage you to do so because sometime people just want to see the talent not the drama.

Facebook – MUNNAH

IG – @thelibprincess

YouTube – MUNNAH for more updates on what’s new.

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