Who do you Rep? by Model @Classically_Cultured. 

| FASHION,  ART,  Culture LifeStyle | ・・・

Model: @Classically_Cultured 

Who do you rep]?


Shot by @mattconrads 

Artist @manyfacegoddess 


“My sweet land of liberty 

Liberia Listeni/laɪˈbɪəriə/, officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country on the West African coast. 

Liberia is the only African republic to have self-proclaimed independence without gaining independence through revolt from any other nation, being Africa’s first and oldest modern republic.”


#GISELLEMAGAZINE #LIBStandUp #SweeyLandOfLiberty #motherland #FatherLand #HomeSweetHome #Liberia 

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