GISELLE Magazine Q & A with Liberian multiple Award winning Artist and Song Writer Eric Geso AKA #HardHeadBoy. 

GISELLE Magazine Q & A with Liberian multiple Award winning Artist and Song Writer Eric Geso AKA #HardHeadBoy. Ericgeso first Album will be out this year. He is the first Male to be on our monthly cover, so therefore he is our Cover King and being our Cover king means we are going to promote his Music the entire month of May 2017.

When the “HardHeadBoy” take the Stage the Crowd goes Crazy!! Yes they Love Him! Believe it!

1) GISELLE Mag: Tell us about your background?

: I’m a Liberian from Grand Gedeh County. I was born in Gboliken. And I grew up in Ghana, Buduburam Refugee Camp. Currently back in Liberia.

2) GISELLE Mag: What inspired you to be an entertainer?

: I got my inspiration from my mother. She was in a church choir. I also got inspired by a few Liberian artists, namely Pitty D’Best, Nigger Blow and David Mell. I think my biggest inspiration has been music…

3) GISELLE Mag: What’s the story behind the name #HardHeadBoy?

: The name #HardHeadBoy came from the fact that people never expected me to have made it to where I’m at now in life. I’m always hardheaded or persistant in achieving my goals in life…

4) GISELLE Mag: What was the most challenging part about being an Artist/Singer/Songwriter ?

: The most challenging part about me being an Artist is the simple fact that Artists now in the Liberian Entertainment Industry are not getting paid in general. Before I had my studio, I was struggling to even record songs. But now things are getting better.

5) GISELLE Mag: What is your goal of being an Artist?

: My ultimate goal is to use my platform to help empower young Liberians to believe in themselves by following their dreams.

6) GISELLE Mag: Do you have any advice for young Artists?

: My piece of advice to young upcoming artists is firstly to believe in themselves, being humble and ultimately working very hard towards their dreams..

7) GISELLE Mag: Who would be your ultimate dream to work with?

Ericgeso: I will love to work with Wizkid.

8) GISELLE Mag: How do you see your responsibility to people who look to you as a Role Model?

: I see my responsibility to people who look to me as a Role Model as not being challenging but ultimately as more of a blessing.

9) GISELLE Mag: Who were you… before Ericgeso the Liberian Star.

: My life was not that great before I became an Artist. But I give God the glory for bringing thus far.

10) GISELLE Mag: How would you describe your personal style?

: My style is more street style. And I sometime mix it with a little bit of urban style.

11) GISELLE Mag: GISELLE Mag: Are you in a relationship?

: Haha.. I’m single for now.

12) GISELLE Mag: What is the Best advice you ever received?

: I think the best advice I ever received was the one my mother told me. “Always be humble and you will achieve what you want in life”

13) GISELLE Mag: What kind of woman do you see yourself building a life with?

: I think I see myself building a life with a God fearing woman…

14) GISELLE Mag: What do you like about GISELLE Magazine?

: I think GISELLE Magazine works hard in putting the spot light on Artists in the Liberian Entertainment Industry…

You can find Ericgeso on Social media:

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube: @ericgeso for more

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