Help Stop Domestic violence. “​It is never too Late to Learn from others Mistakes why you can”.

As our young late sister Agnes Yarles is resting in peace next to God her creator; our prayer goes out to her family and young kids who lost their mother to Domestic Violence. (#GISELLEMAGAZINE) we send out our love and prayers to the Family, may they all have our Condolence and may her soul rest in peace. Nevertheless reality does not deviates because of ones feeling or simply because you want it to, the facts remains that her kids are without their mother as to her mother without her daughter. We belieave  families and close  friends knows more to this sad story of our late young sister Agnes Yarles but we are here to Sympathize, Learn and Speak out against Domestic Violence of any Shape or From to prevent Similar Story lines in our Community. Please leave comment your Opinions on how prevent and Stop Domestic Violence . Inbox us and share your stories if can. “Always remember that Prevention is better than Cure”

Her Lovely Children


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