Young Liberian Man James Williamson Went to Jail. 

It has NOT been an easy journey for 

Liberian Athlete and Model JAMES 

WILLIAMSON and here is why. 

“It’s been a journey, let us help you understand why this is more than a graduation. JAMES whole life the odds was really against him but he didn’t sit and complain. At 20 years old and being a semester away from graduating and accomplishing many things in his life at a young age. JAMES was arrested and had a bail of $500,000 facing 5 charges. 

In a cell for 23 hours with a 1 hour break if that, saving bread and butter to eat later in the night because his last meal was at 5pm, in solidarity holding because jail over crowded..not able to shower for some days, just being a slave basically…things looked dark but he never lost his faith in God. Truth came out JAMES and his teammates were didn’t report the truth but was quick to call them this and defame their character…

JAMES try to get back in school and play ball again but nobody wanted to take the chance but he was persistent and found a home in Wesley College(Thanks Drass 🐐)..Got to Wesley had another obstacle out of the 86 credits JAMES had Wesley only took 44, registrar wasn’t helping him. JAMES got 16 more credits added on his own..he never had thoughts of dropping out, never had thoughts of giving up..He’ve broken down twice and cried but never questioned God..he had something to prove not to anyone but HIMSELF.

JAMES ended up becoming more of a man and finding out who he is..So blessed to say May 9th 2015 turn into May 6th 2017..For anyone don’t ever give up on what you want or started, keep on keeping on as far as it seems you’ll accomplish it one day! ADVERSITY SHOWS TRUE CHARACTER!!!!”

(“James Williamson said he don’t do long captions but he had to talk his talk” 😍😍🙌🏾✊🏾) #HalfAMil4Bail #BlackExcellence 

What an inspiring story, Congratulations James Williamson. Thank you for not giving up on yourself when everyone around you did, and now there are so many young people that your story can be a blessing to. Our community (Liberian) need more young men with your courage. We are very proud of you and we are also very happy to share your beautiful and inspiring story. 

Thank you for visiting our website, please leave your comments below and share. 

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