Liberia’s 🇱🇷 first World Middle weight kick boxing Champion Victor Mitchell Nagbe @victor_nagbe.

•📸 @troyschoonemanHis name is Victor ‘Hot Chilli’ Nagbe he is 23 years old. His recent fight was on may 20 in Thailand.  Photographed/Art by 📸 @troyschooneman

Born in Liberia, his family and him made their way from  refugee camps in Guinea, West Africa to Australia. Victor aims to make his mark on the Australian – and international – fight scene in the tradition of the world’s best technical fighters.  He is 23 years old and have been training for six years now. Victor had over 60 flights, 13 lost, won 51 and 13ko. Thw weight he was fighting at 70kg.

Here is a little story about how Victor got in to fighting. 

Victor was hanging around late one night, walking the streets with  friend of his. There was this guy, Mark Christmas, sitting out having a beer. He said to Victor, “Does your mother know where you are?” Victor said she did; his friend and him were just out walking around. He asked if Victor did any martial arts, and Victor just said he knew some taekwondo. 

He offered to take Victor to a Muay Thai school, and he did. That’s how Victor ended up at Dip Muay Thai. Victor started fighting and training, but he was still at school. When he finished high school, Victor made the decision to train full time. And here he is. Originally, Victor is from Liberia, in West Africa. From there his  mother, sister and him went to a refugee camp in Guinea. In Africa, life is hard. You have to fight to eat. Victor came [to Australia] in 2005. And here he is waitting  to go back home and be the voice for his people’s.

Victor have want to say thank to Ms. Fatma Mohammed and Bill Rogers for the opportunity to introduce him  to the Liberian Olympic committee to represent Liberia  and he is looking  forward for better working relationships and the support system.  And Victor plan to make his country(Liberia) very proud. 

Photographed/Art by 📸 @troyschooneman

“Thank your for the opportunity.”

Victor Nagbe You are very welcome, your story is amazing and much be share, and we are very honored you reached out to #GISELLEMAGAZINE to share your journey. 


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