Trend alert: Dress shirts, Maxi dresses, pleated skirts and high heels for men.

Gender fluidity in style is no longer a thing for only women, but men too. Thom Browne, an American designer seems to think men should embrace the trend too and rock a few pieces ‘borrowed from the girls’. His spring summer collection presented at the ongoing Men’s fashion week had a slew of dress shirts, tunics, maxi dresses and skirts all worn with pointy toe heels.

Who says what a man should and shouldn’t wear? The collection seems to drive a conversation many of us never what to have.d And, if a woman can wear a pantsuit, why can’t a man wear a skirt suit? Probably, this is what the designer wanted to us to talk about.

However if he really wanted men to dress like this, trust me very soon a gentleman is going to show up to work carrying a briefcase but dressed in a skirt suit and platform heels. And, they’ll probably attend a board meeting or two.

Skirts and dresses for men aren’t a new thing. Celebrities such as Asap Rocky, Jaden Smith and Kanye West have been snapped a couple of times dressed in clothes ‘borrowed from the girls’.

This is what the designer had to say when he got quizzed about his thoughts on the collection.

“All of it is being offered. I think it looks amazing, it’s definitely not for everyone, but if I were to see somebody walking down the street in that I would want to know who that person is.”

See looks from the collection and share thoughts on if men should embrace this new trend. Sound off in the message box below.

Photo credit: Thom Browne Facebook

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