Jay Z Apologies to Beyonce for Cheating. “Best Song” from New Album “4:44”.

The whole Internet went crazy when Beyonce lemonade album  came out because Queen bey mentioned “Becky with the good hair” , and now the internet is yet again filling for Beyonce and JayZ characters drama. So many people believe since JayZ apologize to his Wife Beyonce in “best song” from his new album title”4:44″, so he must have really cheated on her. We believe otherwise, and agree with Kira Brandon comment read below. 

Kira Brandon said Sean Carter didn’t cheat on Beyoncé Knowles Carter. Jay-Z cheated on Bey. What does that mean? That means that aside from being husband and wife they are business partners. That means that they have mastered the art of capitalizing off of fabricated situations based around their real love. Because they are extremely private, and we are extremely nosey, they had to find a way to let the public think they’re being let in to their personal lives without actually telling us shit at all. There isn’t a mistress alive that would be silent about an affair with the relationship goals husband to the most famous woman in the world. Side pieces would jump high and stoop low at the chance to spill tea and write a tell all book and do a world tour about being the woman to seduce the mogul and husband that is Hov. So why hasn’t that happened? Cuz um, it didn’t happen duh lol it’s all a set up so we can keep sipping lemonade and listening to his apologies in song form lol understand that when we speak on Jay and Bey we are talking about characters from a show we’re tuned in to because we as the public will never know them on a personal level. 

This is exactly what we were discussing the other day. Beyonce and JayZ  are smart business minded couple. And Kira Brandon couldn’t have said this any better. 

#ontheruntheseries #marketinggenius 💡😂 #GISELLEMAGAZINE 


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