LIBERIAN ARTIST CIC Denied Australian Visa. 

CIC Denied Australian Visa. Is that hottest topic within the Liberian Entertainment Industry.  We was so surprised to hear such heart breaking news. CIC and his team has work so hard for this journey and it is so sad to know that his tour to Australia is denied because of other Liberian Artists that refused to return back home. 

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It has become very alarming Liberian Entertainers travelling on invitation and refusing to come back to their Country.

As a result of this issue, other Liberian Entertainers have been denied from travelling. The most recent one Movie Actor Dream Debo travelled to Australia on Inviatation of Price Records headed by Micheal Smith and has refused to return to the country.

There are reports emanating from that country that Mr.Debo is currently working on his documents and has no intention of returning to Liberia. Mr. Debo is another Liberian Artist that went on a tour to Australia and has not return back home. 

His action has prompted the Australian government to denied Cralorboi CIC who has a concert in Australia this October.

If nothing is done to create those necessary check points, Liberian Entertainment will continue to remain on a low profile.

Our artists will make all the big names here and remain in Liberia until their career die.

What a shame, for real. CIC has worked too hard to be punish for other artists actions. CIC and his team has been through too much stress within the Liberian Entertainment Industry for the last 6 months. 

Here is a little advice to out Liberian Entertainers,  especially our artists. When you are blessed with an international visa to our other countries, please respect your name, and your country and return home when your visa time is expired.  When you return home, you create more visa opportunities for yourself and other artists as well. This is a huge lesson to us all. 

Source: Inside Liberia 


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