Reshaping Liberia’s History.

[Mama Liberia] “When you search  #Liberia on google, the images that shows up are related to war, cannibalism, and barbarity. That is not the Liberia I currently know, and not the Liberia I want the world to see. For that reason, I have delved into curating photo content that reshapes Liberia’s history, and how it is presented to the world. Here you see my rendition of the modern Liberian woman, reimagined in a classic traditional family portrait style.” 🙏😍
Written by: Adrienne Tingba

#LiberianGirl #TheColloquaDialogues #LiberiaRe-#Presented #JoinTheDialogue

Adrienne Tingba aka @girlwiththepearls is the CEO/Founder of @thecolloquadialogues on Facebook and Instagram. 

📸 @meskora

#GISELLEMAGAZINE #mamaliberia #liberianbeauty🌍🇱🇷

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