Helping Hand First Annual Fundraiser Review. 

Helping Hand CEO Daniel Fandeh and Jassmine Treager, The host Eleanor Lovetee Bargblor and Guests GISELLE Magazine CEO Lydia Freeman and Gabriel Yonly (📸Photographed by #GISELLEMAGAZINE Gabriel Yonly).

Helping Hand is 501c (3) Non-Profit Organization founded in 2015 and incorporated in 2016. Helping mission is to empower one child at a time by Alleviating poverty through education, Social Welfare, and Healthcare Initiatives. Their vision is an Educated World and their values are Accountability, Honesty, and Transparency.

Helping hand has four Board Members, Daniel Fandeh Director and president, Friday Karr Vice President, Jassmine Treager Secretary and Fodey Karbo Treasurer. They  follow standard accounting procedure. Helping hand has partnered with the Liberian Community of Iowa as well as Grand View University for Past Fundraisers.people can visit for more info or follow them on facebook @helpinghandincorp

Helping Hand First Annual Fundraiser was on September 30th 2017  hosted by  Eleanor. Addmision is $10 and VIP $20 by FRIDAY 7 PM. doors opened at 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM.  Performance by Yung Baller Dirache Rezz LAME NATION. We was told that about $2000 was raised from the events. All the proceeds from this event went to support the construction of Helping Hand Kids for Peace Academy’s new facility.


The Helping Hand Fundraiser that took place on September 30, 2017 was our first non
profit organization event we have gone to in Des Moines Iowa. I say this because we #GISELLEMAGAZINE have been to a lots of different events in Des Moines Iowa, and majority of those events was for profit or self gain. It was amazing to see young people like myself be so selfless and determined by creating opportunities throughout helping Hand non-profit organization to help less fortunate children around the world.  From #TeamGISELLEMagazine to #TheHelpingHandTeam and organizers we just want to express how proud we are of the whole organization. We were very honored  and glad to have attended such a great cause. Hope to see you guys continue the amazing job. ~ Lydia Freeman and Gabriel Yonly ~

To donate contact the information on the flyer, and follow their social media pages for daily updates. 


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