The 5th annual All Black Affairs DMI 2017 Review




Dress to impress as usual always brought to you by Abel Reeves sr. and Foreign Life Entertainment.


The 5th annual All Black Affairs hosted at the Grandview University campus(student Event Center) did not disappoint in Venue location, space and appearance. As usual the Midwestern Liberian show up to Turn Up while the ladies were mostly gorgeous and sexy in their somehow fashionable dresses. The gents also show to mingle with the singles to impress the ladies. With the number of people who show up we believe that there is still enough room for a much bigger crowd to show up and support our Liberian Show Business and the Entertainment Industry. Shout out to the men of the night Togar Howard and few other performers who did their thing on stage. Shout Out to all the DJs of the night. 23845196_2027823530771032_34489_n

           However, in other to develop and grow our own Art and Culture we the community need to embrace our own music at shows regularly because our Artists and music have taken a much bigger step forward from where we were 5 or 6 years ago. We can now name about 20 to 30 top Liberian hits music which is more than enough to keep in rotation by our own DJs. Yes other nationalities songs are good but the question remains; would they say the same for you, would they play our songs at their parties all night long, how will we stand out and so many questions to be answer. Foreign Life Entertainment plays its part by providing us with a great annual show; the DJs are good, but we are kindly asking for at least 50% to 60% of our Artists songs to play regularly in rotation. Also as Liberians we are responsible to love and dance to our songs at clubs, parties, and Events. If you already pay to enter just relax have fun and enjoy yourself. whatever our individual opinion may be, remember we all need to play our part and there is always room for improvements for the betterment of our Art and Culture.


            Finally shout Out to Togar Howard for a outstanding performance. Thanks to all the organizers, the security team. Thanks to Abel Reeves sr. CEO of Foreign Life Entertainment for the show and The two Red Carpet Host the Lovely Mrs. Reeves and the Lovely Miss Lydia Freeman CEO of GISELLE Magazine. The 5th Annual All Black Affairs was a success.


Author: Gabe Yonly


Publisher: GISELLE Magazine








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